Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mojo Body Boutique

Mojo BodyBoutique just released their latest skin the Alba skin comes in 11 amazing make ups with a range of skin tones. The skin color range are nougat,peach,mocha, soft cocoa, cocoa ,and sun choco.

This delicious skin boosts a pack that gives you 4 different options for wear in the package. It gives you options with are without a hair base and skin shadowing. The hair base are gorgeous with gentle tendril wisps against the base that curls around the ears. The lips are sexy and moist, they are beautiful range of shades from red, currant, pinks. The eyebrows are highly realistic with details around the eyes leaving behind that cartoon look.

This skin uses the latest in skin technique to add shadowing around the neck so when you wear longer hair it looks like it casts a gentle shadow without having to enable shadowing in second life which adds to lagging on your end.

This is an amazing skin for those who want to leave behind the "perfect" look of most skins and have a more realistic tone and skin.

This is a must have skin try a demo at Mojo BodyBoutique.

Visit Mojo BodyBoutique at Mojo BodyBoutique

Saturday, June 5, 2010

ROC/ICONIC Fashion Show

ICONIC Couture & ROC Fashions fashion show is today. Dramatic scream, and yes there is going to be new fashion. To prepare myself I ran to both stores and snapped up favorites to style my look for the show.

Style Card

Skin :CandyDoll "Holli Gray Dark" CandyDoll

Hair: I conic Couture "{ICONIC} Akina!" ICONIC COUTURE

Shoes: Stiletto Moody "Stiletto Moody Bare Robin (Wild Set)" Stiletto Moody

Outfit : ROC COUTURE Top "*[ROC]* Pink Passion Top" Bottom *[ROC]* Urban Leather Low Rise Pants ROC COUTURE

Jewelery : Mandala [MANDALA]KAGETORA necklace/Blue MANDALA

Bag : Iconic Couture "[ICONIC] Handbag display-Dusk" ICONIC COUTURE

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vogue's Latest Release

Vogue's latest release the Cristal Gown is breathing new life into second life fashion. This gorgeous dress is a mixture of sculpted shoulder prim with a bodice that has amazing details. The low cut top enhances the breasts with a gorgeous side cut prim that gives a hint of gorgeous flesh. Letting everyone admire the decolletage. The side cut of the prim top gives everyone a flash of your stomach giving the right sexy appeal.

Zalyn mixes her gorgeous top with a low slung skirt that rides the hips, matched with side slits that goes to the full length of the thighs. She adds a sexy skirt prim that moves and flows around your body as your walking or dancing.

The finishing touch the arm cuffs gives you a beautiful decorated arm that matches the rest of the beautiful out. Kudos to Zalyn Bailey for another gorgeous creation. This item is in a multitude of colors, yellow, raspberry, pink, black etc.

Visit vogue at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Odessa%20Luxurious/131/106/22 to get your favorite color as they will be released 2pm slt today.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


"HIS" definition of the protype woman...

Skin :Dangerous Lace Luxa Skin - Coffee" http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jaguar%20Isle/82/67/28
Hair: Ingenue "Diva Dieu" http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lo%20Lo/200/100/22
Shoes: AMG BOUDOIR "Ghost Fungi" http://slurl.com/secondlife/Boudoir%20City/132/136/22
Dress : Ranena Olivier Couture"Neveah Spirit" http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Secret%20Gardens/186/196/23
Jewelery : Bandit Princess Collection http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jewellery%20Paradise/169/67/25
Glasses : Kalinins "Voyage" http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fusion%20Crossing/219/38/24

Friday, November 27, 2009


AMG BOUDOIR Launches their winter 2009 line, as they continue with the releases I am constantly amazed at the intricate detail in workmanship and continued excellent in new gorgeous designs. This latest shoe release is just as stunning as the last.

The first release the Ralegacy, which I dub the biker girl chique. The Ralegacy is an amazing shoe sporting the hottest color of the season a sensuous purple. It has gold buckled detailing that enhances the color. The intricate buckle design gives a bad girl feel to dangerously high heels.

For the ladies who love to feel oh so feminine. AMG brings you the BeautyBow Gen III, as If the first 2 generations weren't enough. They are going to take the heels to the next level. The shoe has strap up sexy ankles with bow detailing sure to put that extra sexy touch on any outfit. It has delicate flowers wrapped around the shoe and finishes off with a naughty twist at the heels.

The next hot release is going to be the Monument. This dangerously sexy shoe comes complete with barb wire that wraps around the ankles and at the base of the foot. It boost tattoos including skulls and cross bones and scars. Pair that with a sexy new twist to the heels. The shoe has wrap around chain to let a man know to beware your gorgeous footwear.

The last release is the AMG Applicator. This gorgeous shoe design mixes the latest trend of intricate heels to set you apart. The caging around the shoe is sure to grab the eye paired with wiring and beading, as If anything could hold in the simple beauty of these gorgeous shoes.

AMG as always gives you shoes that set you apart from the average, textures that rise above the best. They blend the gorgeous colors that are the hottest this season with new intricate heel designs. When everyone is in status quo be the one to set the trend. Shop AMG at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Boudoir%20City/179/87/29

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Belleza = Amazing

Fascination and amazement, breathtaking and gorgeous. Those words all describe the newest addition to the Belleza skin family. Their newest release Jesse comes with new and delightful additions. This skin now boasts hair bases, and 2 different cleavage option with your normal wide range of make up.

The face on this skin has amazing work and attention to detail. Tricky starts with a hair base that does not have a split down the center like many other hair bases. The hair crowning the face gets lighter and has a fine texture that closely resembles how real hair lies. The continuous fine texture even gets distributed to the base of the back of the hair, someplace where other skin designers tend not to put alot of work. Instead of bring the hair to a "V" the designer fan the hair out and it lays fine against the skin. The eyes on his make up palette is as amazing as everything else. He couples the smokey eye textures but brings the main color of the eye makeup to the corner of the eye and then lightens it. Under the eye he gives it a soft shimmer that accentuates the eyes. The mouth on the skin uses the fall make up palletes, from your nude lips, to dusty rose, gorgeous dark reds. The lips are supple, full and the lipstic have a matte gloss finish.

The body of the avatar has amazing shading. He uses a light and dark shading to give the details to the stomach while keeping it soft and sexy. The shading curves around the belly button and looks amazing. The attention to details doesn't stop there. He also brings it down to the legs as well as the back of the legs. He gives the area behind the knee textures that looks amazing and real.

The attention to detail doesn't stop there. The designer adds details to the nail bed on the feet and the toes, to give you that perfect french manicure look. Nails not necessary (ladies free up that spot for a gorgeous ring). The hands also have gorgeous ridges on it that resemble real hands. They don't look old or without details. Many designer miss this small detail.

To call this skin beautiful does it no justice, call it amazing.

Visit Belleza Skin

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

minute Deetalez

Deetalez just had a hot new skin release, The April Gold Edition. This has got to be one of the hottest new skin release I've seen. Pardon my excitement but what is so amazing in this skin attention to minute details on the body.

The skin features a breath taking face make up pallet with deeper sexier lipsticks that put you in the mood for fall. They are rich in color with a glossy finish, they leave the lips looking plump and kissable. She has eyebrows and hair bases that come in 2 tones to match your skin as well as gives you the option of hair base or not for some of those sexier hair looks that require a hair base to truly be beautiful. The skin features almond eyes with a a gorgeous makeup palette to choose from. Included in her new skin launch is 4 natural skin tone with minimum makeups so a mom and child team could have the same look without your child looking too made up. The body of the skin features tiny details one might miss but such a big part of that realistic look. If you look around the hip area it gives u a slight indentation of where your hip bone would be. The stomach has a realistic belly button (this is so important to me) with natural shading to give a woman a seductive body that's not overly tone yet fit and curvy.

The back of the skin has tremendous details as well. The back has this gorgeous texturing. The skin looks so amazingly real. The back indentation around the collar bone gives a slight dip and leads down to a sexy bottom that's shaded very well.

The legs on this skin are smooth and gorgeous. The back of the leg has indentation and coloring with tasteful shading to appear realistic, touchable and soft.

All these attention to details make this a hot find. I love the fact that the dark skin tone is so smooth and just as pretty as the lighter tones. This skin is an amazing skin and needs to be added to every girls inventory in your favorite tone.